All you want to know about the PSE Stinger

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If you are a person who is looking to buy a PSE Stinger you should click here for more details with regards this cross bow.

When you click here you will find details with regards the maximum speed. Infact, this can reach a speed of a maximum of 316 fps which is slightly slower than the PSE Brute. However, this allows for better aim and this not only is aesthetically pleasing but it comes in a variety of textures as well as in 3 colors as well. That way, the user that goes for looks, need not compromise. This also has a more curved and more sleek appearance.

When you click here you will realize that this crossbow is great not only for just shooting but for hunting as well. This is light and so it is easy to carry as it only weighs 3.5 pounds as compared with the almost 5 pounds of the other crossbows.

 pse stinger


This comes with an option for southpaws as well and this however has a disadvantage that there is no single cam which is attached to it. However, there are X-Tech limbs which are split so the user finds it easy to use.

The draw length can be a maximum of 30 inches and this is adjustable based on the range and as per the liking of the user. This can also be adjusted based on the target as well.

This has a bow which is cheaper than the bows for the PSE Brute and these have received good ratings from past customers as well.

The maximum powerstroke is at 22.87 inches, the brace height is 7.13 inches and from Axle to Axle it is 32.5 inches. The kinetic energy of 77.6 and this is at a much cheaper price than the brute.

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