What are the most followed sports in Europe

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The Europeans are great fans of sports and this is nothing new. The long history of sports in Europe has actually helped inshaping the growth of the people of Europe. It was not only the common people that engaged in sports but also the nobility that was fond of sports. This trend has continued to the present times and there are many sports that are prevalent among the Europeans such as


This sport is the most popular sport in Europe as there are over fifteen billion fans of this sport. This sport is popular not only in Europe but all over the world. The rules for this sport were formally adopted in the early nineteenth century. There are different championships that happen all over Europe and he major one is Euro Cup in which all the major teams of Europe try to win the cup and establish their superiority.



This famous racquet sport is also one of the most popular sports in Europe that is followed by majority of people. The sport requires two people to compete against each other in order to defeat them in this racket and ball game. The origin of this game was in England. Today the top three players in this sport are from Europe and the most prestigious tournament Wimbledon is also held in Europe.

Road bicycle racing

Europeans like bicycling like anything. The first and the most prestigious of the bicycling tournaments are held in Europe. France hosts the tournament named Tour de France that is awaited not only by the millions of fans across the continent but also by the media from all around the world.


Skiing was not traditionally a sport. This was a mode of transportation in the areas that were covered with very thick layers of snow. However, isn’t it true with most of the sports that they were originally a form of entertainment or a method of making life easy and later they turned to be a sport? These days there are many places in Europe that provide you with the opportunity of skiing and participating in the competitions that are held annually.



This is one of those sports that are followed worldwide and has great fan following in Europe. People like to not only watch basketball matches but also play this sport. This sport also began in Europe and has since been very popular among the people from all walks of life.

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Things you need to know about motorsports in Europe

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Motorsports are used for competitive events which have motorized vehicles. This includes off-road racing called motocross too. Motorsportsencompasses motorized two wheeler as well as four wheeled motorsport competitions.

Motorsports in Europe are extremely popular. There are different racing cars that are customized with working doors, cockpits which are specifically built as well as vehicles which are customized in such a way that these cars are done up so as to make them faster, better and more efficient.There are motor racings at night as well. This is under stadium lights.


Motorsports in Europe include the FIA World Endurance Championships, the Formula One as well as the World Rally Championship, the World Touring Car Championship among the well known championships. There are the Monte Carlo Car Rallies, the Monaco Grand Prix, the 24 hours Nuburgring, the 24 hours of Le Mans as well as the 24 hours Spa races which are known worldwide. These have fans not only from the country where these sports are taking place but also from all over the world and not just all over Europe.

Thanks to the popularity of motorsports, racecar drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Alain Proust, Lewis Hamilton, Derek Bell and Sebastian Loeb have become household names.

In addition to car racing, motorcycle racing too is immensely popular. Out of all the countries in Europe, the countries where this is most popular are Italy, Spain as well as the United Kingdom. There is a Motorcycle Grand Prix and the most successful of all riders are Valentino Rossi and GiacomoAgostini. They are with the seven and eight 500c as well as the MotoGP World Championships.

When it comes to four wheeler motor racing, there are the Open wheel racing where the wheels are out of the vehicle and not part of it. These are better known as the formula series. There are the enclosed wheel types ofvehicles as well. This is the second type. In this type, these vehicles have the wheels which are in the bodywork.

Sports car racing has specialized racing cars and sports cars.  There is also stock car racing. These look like production cars but are built for the specific purpose.  There are also tour car racing which has street cars which are modified and the race is over race tracks built for the purpose as well as there are street courses too.

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