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Charity is the act of voluntarily providing help to those who need it most. In the practical world, some prosper and achieve heights of success, whereas the rest grovel in the dirt to make a proper living.

“A small act of kindness can create an endless ripple.”

Consumers often purchase articles they do not need or may not use.These items rot in the company of cobwebs in the attic. But has it ever crossed your mind that somewhere far away, somebody is in need of those discarded items?Pickup Please Hialeh is just what they are looking for.

What to donate?

Charity comes in the form of donations which could be both monetary or in kind. Articles of value which can be donated to the needful include a list of sundry objects. From clothes, accessories, old books and toys lying in the storeroom, utensils, food products, bikes, electronic gadgets, almost everything can be donated. A piece of clothing or even a box of milk can suffice an individual who is calling out for help.

Pickup Please Hialeh

Finding the right cause

What comes to the mind when one thinks about making a donation? The several non-profit organisations looking after orphans, giving out scholarships, the various old-age homes and blood donation camps, right? The list does not end there.

Based in Hialeah, Florida, one such organisation allows the donors to schedule quick and easy donations online. Pickup Please Hialeh then makes sure the free pickup takes place within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

How to donate?

Interested donors can visit their website:, schedule a donation pickup online, leave the items of donation at the doorstep with the label “VVA Donation Pickup”. Come rain or come shine, the drivers will be there to pick up the donation free of cost and will also leave a tax deduction receipt for your convenience!

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