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With the advancement of Science and Technology, everything has become easier. So, how can the task of cooking remain untouched? This is an important and inseparable part of human life, which needs to be done on daily basis, every time for the survival, even if you are not in a mood of cooking; you have to do it most of the times because you need to feed yourself and your loved ones.

Forget Outdated Ways

But now the things have changed to a considerable extent, you would love to cook with the innovations and discoveries in the field of cooking as well. This is no more a boring task, rather enjoyment and time saving, along with saving the energy and money also. You can cook the delicacies within few minutes, without even soiling your clothes.

What is portable induction cooktop

What is Portable Induction Cooktop?

What is portable induction cooktop, the question will certainly come to your mind as we are discussing the benefits of the recently developed induction cooktop. This is a portable induction cooktop hob which offers benefits of larger cooking range, at very low cost which is unimaginable. The processing of the appliance is very fast cost effective, versatile and easy to clean. You can easily use it as your conventional gas stove or Electric cooker.

The portable induction cooktop is available in single and double variations, that you can easily carry anywhere you want. Such as,

Garden patios,

remote vehicles,


for catering purpose,



student camps,

picnic and your kitchen too.

The only difference between two is that, the latter one is little more heavy then the Single induction cooktop. Portable induction cooktop is light in weight and efficient in cooking. Also it saves time while you are cooking, by saving the heat within defined space rather than heat flames that wastes your fuel in older methods.


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