Learn to know who your enemy is

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Lately your life has not been a story of success rather when you are asked to define your life the only term that comes to your mind is failure or disappointment. If this is the situation or if it is heading towards something like that then it is high time that you worked on self improvement.

You are blocking yourself

You might have always thought that whole world is conspiring against you and that all the people were your enemies but the truth is that you yourself are your enemy. No one else wants you to fail but you. Yes, that is true. You need to understand that success and failure are nothing but the outcome of your own deeds. If you continue following one formula throughout your life because it was successful once then one day you are bound to fail. Change is the ultimate truth of nature and you need to change according to the time and situation. This change is only possible if you are ready for selfimprovement.

How to self improve?

The first thing that you need to do for self improvement is to find the fault in yourself. Do not do this as part of self pity rather as part of how it can be changed and improved upon. Only a person who knows what is wrong with him, will be able to improve upon it. So, be the person who is in control and who actually wants to grow as an individual by starting to bring about a change in yourself.

There are many people who have attended many seminars on this topic; have read many books on this topic but have failed to improve. This is not because those books and seminars were useless but because they did not implement those things in their lives. So try to implement the improve self tricks in your life and see the results.

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