New Ford Bronco-The talk of the town

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The exciting news about the much awaited car’s return is doing the round now. Yes, it has been confirmed that the New Ford Bronco is coming back in 2020. The company has taken the help of Twitter to reveal the good news after it declared the same in the “North American International Auto Show” held at Detroit. They uploaded an image in Twitter handle saying “We are bringing back the #Ford #Bronco!”.Ford has successfully kept the design and the features all secret. No one really seems to have any idea about how the car will look like. Although, close sources says that the all New Ford Bronco will let you enjoy the wind while driving that too from the roof. According to very close sources, the car will feature removable modular roof panels. It might make a comeback with a removable roof.

The past and the future

Ford has operated Bronco for five generations. They have changed the features along with the design every now and then but kept the car going for a long time. Bronco was loved by people for its powerful body and sturdy nature. The features always matched the updated industry of that time. It first came into the market in 1966 and proved to be a very hard competition for many cars till 1996.

Ford group has always been known for its high class cars with elegant exterior and stylish interior. They have never disappointed the customers. Most likely they will introduce their one of the most famous cars with an elegant design. The New Ford Bronco will probably come back in the form of SUV. Although, the company is still maintaining a hush-hush factor and not revealing any details at all.But soon everyone might catch a glimpse of the long awaited car. This car will surely prove to be a tough competition for other strong SUV ranges.


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