The new era Photo booths are technologically smart!

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It’s the new era and we all are practically living our life amidst clicking pictures. We speak our stories by sharing in pictures and try to get the best of clicks to save our memories. And so there is never an event which misses a chance at photography. People like to include photographers, special picture stands and now the photo booth to make their memories even more beautiful.

photo booth

The new age photo booths for your parties

The concept of photo booths have changed to make our events and parties all the more lively and entertaining. The photo booths today don’t just feature a surrounding that is perfect for a click and highlights your outfit but is actually an awesome mix of technology letting you click your pictures in different backgrounds, colours, draw caricatures on them and even personalize them with a message. These booths even have the facility of creating GIFs and slow motion videos for you.  With so many options to play around with pictures standing in front of a screen all one need to do is keep their setting done and clicks in the pose they want.

Clicking GIFs and slow motion videos on photo booths

It brings so much joy to know that photo booths have been enables with such great technology addition which shall make our love for pictures even more profound. All you have to do is stand in front of the booth which is lit enough to provide perfect light for your shot. Make the setting you want for your photography, be it GIF (clicking about a few pictures to join them and make a GIF) or just a slow video where you press the button and record. Play it and you shall get a slow motion video. Indeed its an entertaining addition to the picture clicking session at parties!

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