Understanding the agreement between the Major tech companies on Poaching

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Poaching has been a headache for not just the employees but the companies as well. This practice is quite prevailed in the Silicon Valley and is like one of the reasons why the marketplace in Silicon Valley is working. Poaching has led to many lawsuits as well, and hence these lawsuits made the top companies come to some agreements. These agreements have their explanation on the different type website online. One such agreement happened between Google, Apple, and Intel in 2015 regarding how they will let their employee and company talents stay with them.

their explanation

Terms of the agreement

This agreement was the outcome of the lawsuit of the different employees due to the poaching, and hence the top 4 companies in the Silicon Valley including Google and Apple didn’t only pay a heavy fine but also come to an agreement. Well, the agreement is that the companies will not lure the top talent of each other. Hence there will be no poaching. However, the condition is much more complex, and there was a disadvantage for employees of the company. Well according to their explanation, the worker of the company will not be able to work in other three companies if he is already working for Google. The Same condition is applied to the other three companies and on their employees.


Well, the output is so simple that according to the agreement between these companies and their explanation state that if the employee stops working with one of them, then the rest of the three will not take him as the employee as well. So if you are working in Google, you can’t work with Apple in future or vice versa. Different blogs have helped us to understand how poaching works in Silicon Valley by their explanation.

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